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Citizen Journalism and Social Media: The Present

The world is growing and developing every minute of every single day. New ideas, new thoughts, new discussions, new inventions and new news, we learn something new everyday. In saying this, in this day and age online platforms such as social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube as well as Blogging platforms like this one have opened new doors for every day people. These online havens have in someway created a new way of creating.

Online platforms have opened so many different new and exciting doors for citizen journalism. Today, anyone can become a citizen journalist. All you have to do is have an interest and a talent and publish it online where other people with the same interest and talent can see it. Pretty simple right?

Citizen journalist is pretty much an online celebrity. I want to discuss a few different examples and talk about how they get themselves across using 4 different platforms of social media.

  1. Chloe Morello: YouTube ( morello

    Chloe is what I would consider an Australian YouTube superstar. She has over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and Instagram, and as well as Facebook Followers.

    Chloe is considered a citizen journalist because she is frequently uploading new content to her YouTube channel and other social media accounts and is sharing her experiences and interest with her followers who also share the same interest.

  2. Kayla Itsines: Facebook (

    Kayla is a trained personal trainer who operates her own company solely through her Facebook page, in which she has over 6 million followers. She regularly shares pictures of her fitness journey and healthy eating ideas. She has also created her own fitness app and sells her own brand of fitness equipment, water bottles, gym clothing and also her own fitness DVD. She is defiantly considered a citizen journalist due to her always updating her social media with pictures promoting herself and her brand. as well as her ideas and thoughts on public and political matters.

  3. Tanya Burr: Blogging and YouTube ( Burr

    Tanya Burr is a pretty well known YouTuber and ‘Beauty Blogger’ from the United Kingdom. She has over 3 million followers on her YouTube channel and has a large following of fans on her blog in which she frequently updates daily on outfit and make up ideas. She is a citizen journalist due to her regular uploads and posts on her YouTube, Instagram and blog, she shares a common interest with her followers.

  4. Tammy Hembrow: Instagram (

    Tammy is another personal trainer but focuses a lot of her social media input on Instagram. She regularly uploads pictures of her fitness journey and everyday life, making her somewhat some kind of idol for a lot of younger women. She is a citizen journalist because once again she uploads her thoughts and opinions onto social media platforms.

Therefore, all of these online personalities have created some kind of an awesome career for themselves by using different social media platforms and are all considered to be citizen journalists. They are creating content for the people that follow them and are expressing themselves and their ideas, their way of life, what they like and what they do.

Next time we will have a look back in time and compare how citizen journalism used to be compared to how it is now.



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