Social Media

Citizen Journalism: The Future!


(How ordinary people are taking control of the news- Digital Trends 2015) 

What does the future hold? It is a prettycommon question that we all tend to ask frequently to ourselves. We grow and advance in new goals and achieve them every single day, so I guess a question we should ask is what does citizen journalism holdfor the future? A question that we are going to ask today.

Last post we focused on the past and how it is compared to the present and the changes were pretty drastic. It waspretty much likewe had jumped forward 20 or so years or something…

But in saying that, If so much can change in that amount of time and I am talking the changes in way of communication and how all of a sudden we now haveall these different onlineplatforms in which we communicate to one another on, the advances of being able to use oursmartphones in a way that could change lives.

We currently hav th power tocreate our own news at the click of a button, in which is due to all these changes, where as 20 or so years ago we did not.

So what does the future hold?

Well we all know that there are ofcourse going to be changes in our social media platforms, so maybe an even quicker way to takea picture or video and upload it for the world to see?

Maybe a decrease or change to defamation laws? Or even stricter laws?

A new way for people to be able to give their own opioion publicly for all to se on platforms such as televison? And im talking in real time.

Will Citizen Journalism even be a ‘thing’ in the future?

It is without a doubt that we live in a forever changing world that surrounds us. Citizen journalism will change with time and with a forever growing way in communication with social media platforms and new laws and eveything else. The social word is always updating with ways in communication, we arebecoming alot more advanced compared to how we used to be 20 or 30 so years ago, therefore the future does look bright for citizen journalism.


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